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The charity 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' has focused on protecting the new generations from the deadly smoking habit. They are calling on all people across the UK to help them and support their aims by to signing up to a petition.

A shocking fact is that half of all long-term smokers will die from smoking and the majority of them could be putting themselves in this fatal situation at an age when they are easily influenced. Statistics say that over 80 % of smokers start before the age of 19 and that the younger people start to smoke, the harder they find it to quit and to stay quit for good.

The new campaign has focused on protecting children from cigarette advertising that presents smoking as glamorous and attractive. Although there is an active ban on cigarette advertising and marketing, children are still being exposed to cigarette advertising on a daily basis because of loopholes in the ban. What the charity wants is for the Government to close these loopholes and protect children by prohibiting the sale of cigarettes in vending machines, display of cigarettes in shops at the point of sale as well as order plain packaging for tobacco products because these are some of the factors that make the children start smoking in the first place.

Although buying ciagerettes is forbiden for the underage, many of them buy cigarettes from vending machines. It is also known that attractive branding makes cigarettes more appealing to young people and dilutes the impact of health warnings.

The campaigners believe that by keeping the cigarettes out of sight and out of mind will help prevent young people from taking up smoking in the first place.


Wow.. someones actually doing something about it..
& Actually I have noticed that it seems the popular thing to do now is not to smoke?
in my school, it's more the shallow and popular girls & boys that think smoking is disgusting and stinks
& the more mature people who have decided who they are and what they're doing in life that do smoke.. and you can't change their minds about anything
So this would help in some areas i guess but where i live it wouldnt.
is anyone elses area the same? or is it 'cool' to smoke where you live?
:-) xxx


That's great. Maybe you could get the movies to stop showing them too.

I always hate when I see a "cool" person in a movie light up a cigarette.