i have a friend who is convinced that pharmaceutical lobbyists are suppressing the cure for AIDS i think its a little absurd, BUT, he did bring up some points and did a lot of research

Mainly on Dr. Bob Beck

whose a political science teacher a/k/a big brother conspiracy expert

i just want to know what doctors think
i wanted to post his side of the argument and i would like feed back from experts in the feield....

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Youve got to heat this there are two method that have been suppressed. One is called Tetrasil which was banned after they cured people in Zambia the other is called the Bob Beck Protocol. The doctors cured 20 people in Zambia and within 2 weeks they banned it, guess who ratted them out it was a charity group who has interest in never finding the cure but getting money from people to finance their special interests. I investigated and found an AIDS patient who has been using Dr. Bob Beck (who passed away) and has been seen better results then any therapy out there. I was calling up people who have used this. He sent me this and is an AIDS patient. They don't want the cure to AIDS, it isn't profitable for their lobbyists, special interest groups and governments that have an investment in making sure population control is in effect. Ive spoken to doctors that because Bob Beck's protocol gives the power to patients and it's not feasible for them to make a profit off of it's not in their interest. This is all about greed, power and money; AIDs will never be cured because it's such a money maker for special interests.

This man is a hero his procedure can save millions.


**2nd message after i challenged him
Tetrasil is a patented Nano form of Colloidal Silver, the FDA cares mainly about the 'Thousand'. They banned colloidal silver in 1999 with a giant Public relations campaign to scare people from using it citing Agyria. Colloidal Silver has been used for decades but pure silver has been used for centuries as the strongest forms to kill bacteria. It's ludicrous as they sell prescription like Vioxx that has killed many people then immediately ban this. If you look at all the sources during that time it was the mainstream news that gets paid off by the big pharmaceutical companies.

What they do is block the patent so there is no incentive for research o it will forever remain in clinical studies. Even if it's proven to do wonders all it takes is for the U.S. medical advisory board to A) lie and say that is an anecdotal study b) sue the doctors then replace them with their own advisory doctors who will stifle research and create disinformation (www.quackerywatch.com and American medical institute are prime examples of that)

You look at that information about Tetrasil (nano form of colloidal silver) and then you find out how many people are coming out about the Bob Beck protocol which uses colloidal silver as one of its 4 ingredients, and their are patients that can attest that it works better then any vaccines they have found out and you get the bigger picture. Some people have been cured of AIDs with it. The reason they won't administer this is because of the profit margin shares; it's not profitable for them. Colloidal silver is easy to make with a kit therefore patients don't need a doctor. They can always threaten legal action on companies selling it making any medical claims but pretty soon there going to ban it completely.

The medical system ONLY allows a certain amount of licenses each year and it's rewarded to people who engage in their compliance. On top of that, there cracking down more now then ever on alternative therapies, look around for Ozone therapy which was suppose to be one of the dominant therapies biooxidative therapy but was completely trampled over in the 1930s; doctors who practice this risk losing their license.