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Hello! I'm 20 years old and my fiance is 27, we have been together almost 2 years and are getting married next year. Every sense i was about 16 I've wanted to be pregnant but knew that I needed to wait. So I watch my friends kids to get that "baby fix" well now that I'm with the man that I will be having kids with the feeling is growing. Also everybody I know is getting pregnant, literally like 20 people I know. Which makes it worse. I have this overwhelming feeling that I want to have a baby, but I don't think right now is a great time, I would like to be out of college and married first. Does anyone else have these feelings and does anyone have any advice as to what I can do to help decrease these feelings. It really makes me depressed thinking about all my friends having babies but I can't. 


Think about being 50 lbs heavier and stretch marks!  Having a baby is ONLY a wonderful thing when you are married and it's the right time.  Humans are not likely to go extinct any time soon, so don't worry about populating until it's right for the child.  There are so many messed up kids in this world because of their parents poor planning.  Don't be one of those parents.  Be wise, get educated so in the unfortunate event you ever have to be financially responsible for your children's care you are prepared.  Get married, 48% of children born in the USA are born to unwed mothers, what a terrible shame that is.  Make sure your marriage is stable and you are ready before you have children.  Make sure that you are financially able to stay at home with your children so that you can raise them without daycare.  Be one of the people that helps steer this country back to traditional family values.  Don't add to the chaos, you'll be so glad you did!