By: Dr. Tony Vendryes
You are what you eat!
Every day the average person puts 3 to 5 pounds of stuff into their stomach. This 'food' is digested and
absorbed to provide for the needs of our body - nourishment and energy.
Indeed, what we eat soon becomes an actual part of our body, our blood, flesh and bones. The sugar
from a fruit you ate may find its way into the cells of your brain, or the calcium in your vegetables could
soon become part of your back bone. just as how the quality of the gasoline you put into your car will
affect its performance, so the type of food you eat is going to influence the condition of your body.
The three biggest "natural" killers in our country are:
• Heart Disease
• Cancer
• Stroke
All these conditions have one thing in common - they are related to your diet. In other words, the kind
of food you eat has everything to do with your chances of getting one or all of the 'big three'. Medical
research has shown that the right kind of diet can prevent and even reverse these illness'. The holistic
approach to health declares that the body is created with the wisdom and knowledge to maintain itself in
a healthy condition if we simply give it what it needs.
What are the body's nutritional needs ?
• protein
• carbohydrates
• healthy fats
• vitamins
• minerals
• water
• fiber
• botanical factors / herbs
These need to be available in the right proportions, in a form that the body can easily use.
With "civilization" and "progress" man's diet has moved further and further away from this ideal. The
modern man's diet is characterized by excesses and deficiencies. Often he consumes too much fat,
protein and calories and too little vitamins, minerals, water, fiber and herbs. The increase in these
illnesses is greatly due to this imbalance.
What has gone wrong ? Why are we in this predicament ? We have somehow lost touch with what food
is all about. Most people now eat for pleasure. We focus on eating the things we like, not what is good
for us. We have forgotten that the primary purpose for eating is for nutrition.
Parents are often the number one culprits. Many parents use food to either punish or to reward children.
Thus we create in the child's sensitive mind the concept that food, particularly some foods, can be used
to make us 'feel good'. Then there is the food industry. They are the people who use advertisements,
and the psychology of persuasion to cause us to eat what they are selling, although it may be harmful to
us. A review of the television commercials shown when our children are watching cartoons reveal that up
to 90% of the advertisements are for "fast foods". In this way the youngster is being programmed to
desire a type of food which is nutritionally unhealthy. Ignorance on the part of the consumer, and greed
on the part of the food merchant has led to our current dilemma.
As a result deadly food addictions have become a common problem in our society. We suffer the
consequences. There is a great need for us to educate ourselves and our children on the basic facts
about food. Food is in fact mankinds greatest medicine - Nutritional Medicine.
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