This tumor does not show up on MRI but is beginning to give me a great deal of discomfort and growth has been steady and now impinges on my lower back. The first surgeon I saw said it was out of his field back in 2001 and the neurosurgeon I was sent to dismissed it. Since I last saw the neurosurgeon in 2002 it has grown across the back to hip through the SI joint and now up to waist. I think it is wrapping around some important areas. My PT person thinks it should be evaluated. I just had a lump show up on my right shin. I have epstein bar and Lyme disease and on one of the MRI's they saw a fatty cyst 8cm. on liver which they stated that should be followed. When I was 19 I had a beneign cervical tumor removed which made my childrens births C-sections. Also developing one in the dimple area of sacrum on left side of spine. The one that worries me is the large one on rt. side. Physical Therapist can massage and press and use pressure points to help with discomfort. The orthopedic surgeon says the pain is coming from the ruptured L5- S1 discs, however, I have had the large lipoma injected and the pain in that area stops. The disc pain does not and before I have the disc surgery I want this supposed Lipoma addressed. Please offer me some advice? Tricare is not being very helpful. This tumor seems like it has fingers it has grown up to waist line and when I have anything on the waist I feel it. My grandmother had a spinal beneign turmor wrapped around her spinal cord and the trouble she went through after surgery was horrible. Please help even if I must pay out of pocket I really think this should be evaluated.