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My Son was diagnosed at 2 months of age with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. I have known since that time there is a tumor we had to watch for growth. Now at age 16, it appears this has happened. He has had "sick spells" about once a week in the morning.

We took him to Iowa City and after an MRI, found that the tumor in the left foramen of Monro is 1cm and causing minimal shift of the septum pellucidum. However the MRI results do state no hydrocephalus. The tumors linked to TSC are calcified lesions and not cancerous. We see a neurosurgeon tomorrow and I am assuming at this point, he will most likely require surgery.

I wanted to get an idea of how long he would be in the hospital and how long his recovery at home would be. I do understand it will very depending on procedure and complications, but am trying to get an idea.

Also in a case like this, would radiation and Chemo still be a possibility?

Thanks for any thoughts!


I hope that you have found your answers by now. I just wanted to follow-up with you to see what you found out. The questions that you have were best answered by your surgeon. This is because he knows your son's history, current health status and specific condition. As a result, your son's recovery, etc. would be very specific to him and perhaps very different from someone else's. I'm sure you know this already, however. I know that it must be difficult to see your son suffering. Please let me continue to encourage you. Again, I hope that you have gotten your answers from the surgeon. Best wishes. Please keep us updated. :-)