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I am blown away.

A few months ago, during a routine pap smear, I found out I had HPV (very common in sexually active people), which had caused moderate to severe dysplasia.  These are abnormal cells which have the potential to become malignant cancer and I ended up having a LEEP procedure to remove the bad cells/tissue.

11 days ago, I had a hemorrhoidectomy.  I did this mostly for reasons of vanity.  They didn't cause much discomfort.  Aside from their horrible, unsexy appearance, they only bled a little every once in a while and required me, for hygiene's sake, to get my business done in the morning before my shower.

I had been posting about my experience and recovery in another thread.  I had an unstapled procedure - no sutures - open wounds.  I was grade 4 mixed - internal and external - and the surgeon did a lot of cutting.  I've been here every day, whining about fecal leakage and being a slave to my bathroom, and BM's which insist on only coming out in installments.  I was beginning to regret the decision to have this surgery.  I felt like I'd done it purely for cosmetic reasons and I was going to pay for it dearly.

WELL, I had my post-op appointment today.  Turns out, it's routine to send the removed tissue to a lab.  To my shock, the doctor told me the lab showed abnormal cells caused by HPV.  I didn't even know this was a possibility!  I don't have anal sex, so it never occurred to me but as the doc says, you don't have to have anal sex to have this happen.

I was freaking out for a few moments when he told me and I started to ask what's next?  Well, what's next is just check-ups!  The hemorrhoidectomy removed the bad cells and tissue.  So now, in addition to regular pap smears, I will have to have regular "back-door" check-ups to ensure this condition doesn't return.

I feel like an ass (pun intended.)  I was so beside myself with the short-term problems inconveniences, loss of work, etc., when all the while, I may have prevented myself from getting cancer.  It may have taken many years to develop into a malignancy.  But if I had opted out of this surgery, I might never have known that those 'roids are more than just a pain - in some cases, they could be far worse.

I encourage everyone with hemorrhoids to get themselves checked out.  HPV is very common.  Unfortunately, there's no test for men, but women can get regular pap smears to screen for HPV.

Two cancer bullets dodged in two months in two adjacent places.  Wow.


You're really lucky to have discovered your HPV in the earlier stages. It's always good to have a check up, especially when there's rectal bleeding as there are so many other much severe illnesses that present this symptom too. Your fateful experience will indeed help encourage more people to go through a proper diagnosis!


I'm going through this now. I had a hemrroidectomy in 2011 where one roid removed was normal and the other severe dysplasia. The surgery was HORRIBLE!!!however, I found myself i having another procedure last Tuesday!  This one is worse as I have open wounds and a clot of sorts that makes walking, sitting and bm nearly impossible.  

i will get the labs back next week.  My dr says its 50/50 if they come back. I honestly can't imagine doing this every other year, let alone having to do it EVER again.