a guy fingered me and I made sure he Washed his hands before he touched me.  I bled a little but not a lot and I was sore but then I slightly became itchy but not super itchy the next day. My clitoris swelled up for a day and then went back down the next. On the side of the lips of the vagina is where I have been noticing the discoloration and it's scaring me. I'm only 17. I've had yeast infections before and super bad ones but not on the account of sex. I am still a virgin. I don't know what to do and need help. So far it hasn't gotten any worse but is this normal? Why the discoloration? It's not bumpy but smooth. The day after he fingered me my vagina lips were dry but not inside of me. Even though it was dry it was smooth and soft. So far my discharge has been normal but the day after up until two days ago or yesterday it smelled like blood but I assumed that because I did bleed and was stretched open when he fingered me. I know yeast infections cause red itchy discoloration but does it cause lighter patches to come along? I don't have a lichen infection becaus so feel fine when I pee. I really need help. I'm scared. It was the first time I let any guy touch me.