Somebody please help!!!


So theres quite a story behind this all. To start off I'm in my 20s and Ive only been intimate with one guy for the past 2years. I have been suffering on and off for most of this year now. My vagina would get really itchy and look like it had paper cut on my clit also sex would usually hurt. I treated each time as thrush and used thrush creams and pills which would only provide relief for a month or so then symptoms would return. This has killed my boyfriend and I's sex life completely. As of 3 weeks ago symptoms got worse.. my vagina lips (libia minora) was swollen,red, bumpy and kind of looks dry.. and i had a milky white discharge. I also did not get my period all last month until now.. however i have taken two pregnancy tests, both were negative. After looking up symptoms on the net i assumed it was psoriasis as I already suffer with scalp psoriasis. So i bought this cream recommended by the pharmacist. Worst idea ever!!! that cream inflamed my entire vagina from lips to clit, it seriously looked awful and hurt so bad I could hardly walk. So i decided to visit the hospital. First I saw a GP who had no clue what it could be, she then referred me to a gynecologist who advised she also wasnt sure she then decided to call a "more senior doctor" to inspect me, the senior doctor did not admit she was also clueless but instead took a cotton swab which she sent to a lab and then put me one two different antibiotic courses and a sh*t load of pain pills and advised I come back in two weeks for the lab results. One week later my lips are still swollen,red, itchy, clit still looks cut up although its not read and swollen, still haven't gotten my period and still occasionally discharging watery milky white. So basically after all of that I'm back to square one! I literally cannot wait for Thursdays lab results for some relief, my pills are almost out and I've exhausted my sick leave at work not to mention the utter embarrassment of handing in a sick note from a Gyne


Has anyone out there had a similar experience or has any idea what this could be? I'm really at my ends now this constant burn and irritation is disrupting my entire life.