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I really need to loose weight but have been on paxil for about 10 yrs. Yes it has changed my life for the better. But have put on so much weight. I need drop my weight for my health.

I would like some ideas on how to get off of paxil with out such bad side effects. Light headness and feeling sick to my stomache. I have tryed to get off of paxil twice with no luck. I couldn'tr stand the with side effects I went back on.



A gradual reduction in the dose rather than abrupt cessation is recommended whenever possible for Paxil. This should be supervised by the person who prescribed you Paxil.

My question is do you feel that loosing that loosing the weight is worth having increasing instability in your life?

Have you tried to loose the weight by exercising and diet changes? I think those methods might be better for you as they tend to promote better physical and mental health.

You have a stability in your life that not everyone can obtain with psychiatric medicine. I'm not sure you should give it up just yet.

Paxil inhibits certain enzymes in your liver that allow your metabolism to function correctly. The two major hormones that regulate metabolism are insulin and leptin. Insulin works mostly within each individual cell, while leptin works between cells.

Leptin regulates blood sugar through two different pathways. One controls appetite and fat storage, while the other is responsible for telling the liver what to do with its stored glucose.

Leptin causes you to eat less, and it also increases the amount of energy you use (your metabolism). It is thought to be an important factor in determining weight. Knowing that taking paxil will inhibit leptin, the easiest solution involves taking omega 3 capsules along with vitamin E.

Essential fatty acids such as omega 3 are a precursor, or raw material, of leptin. By giving the body what it needs to make leptin, positive results have been achieved from some paxil users who gain weight.