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I was just wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions, I lost about 45lbs and have been able to keep it off for the last two years, but due to this weight loss I have loose skin on my inner legs that makes me very uncomfortable to put on a bathing suit. is there anything I can do to rid or tighten the skin? I have tried working out 3times a week and putting cream on regularly but nothing seems to work, is surgery my only option?
Please help me..

Thank you


I too lost a lot of weight, in fact i lost over 7 stone and ive tried everything to tighten that loose skin but unfortunatley nothing works, its where the skin has been stretched so much due to weight gain and its hard to get back that elsticity in the skin, i have the same problem and hate it cos u think all the hard work of loosing weight is in vain as u cantshow off certain parts of ur body. i just cover up those parts.