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Me and my boyfriend have been trying to concieve for around 10 months now and I have pcos and low progesterone. I recently started a vitamin regiment to help balance my hormones naturally and I am really hoping that it took this month. I started my cycle 13th of march and had spotting (only when wipeing) around days 15-18 of my cycle. I am really hoping i ovulated early and it was implantation bleeding and not just from the low progesterone. NOw my breasts are incredibly tender and ichy and i am really sleepy. I am going to test on friday the 13th so lets hope its a POSITIVE. but in the mean time what do you think my chances are? has anyone else ever delt with low progesterone naturally and do you have any suggestions?


Hi there. Did you go to consult your doctor, because that is what I think you should do? He can do those fertility test, etc. But, don't be so stressed about this, because it can make it only worse for you. There is always a good news, but you should also know that, without the treatment, it can be hard to get pregnant with low progesterone. The treatment is usually easily remedied, and usually, most people respond very well to progesterone treatment. Everything can be fixed soon and you can find a good natural progesterone cream that actually can help you. But nothing you shouldn't do before consulting your doctor.