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i am hoping somebody can answer my question.
I have been having hormone testing due to extreme pms.
I was on the pill for 4 years and stopped taking it 8 months ago due to the side affects like migraines and weight gain.
The first part of the testing was done on day 3 of my cycle.
These results all came back normal. The tests were for fsh and Lh.
The next part was done 7 days after ovulation. I got those results today. I spoke to the nurse and she just said the levels were low. The progesterone was 37 and the estradiol was 257.
I wont see my doctor to discuss the results until the middle of next week.
Does anybody know what these results mean or how low they are.
Could i be having an early menopause.
I have been using an ovulation predictor kit and ovulate around day 10 every month. My cycle is 25 days long.
Please reply if you can help to shed some light on this matter.


Hi Marina,

I too suffer from severe pms and I am convinced from everything that I have researched that it is due to low progesterone which I am having checked this month. So if your progesterone is low please use a replacement I'm sure your pms will drastically improve. The best choice is a natural cream, this is the safest because it is natural. the synthetic progesterone is no good. You could be in perimenopause which is not uncommon to start now and it starts with our progesterone levels starting to lower. I am 35 and have been dealing with this for 1 1/2 years.