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I am TTC and miscarried before my 1st child, then have miscarried within the 4-5 weeks of being pregnant twice now.  I pushed doctors to test my hormones, etc. and they found I have extremely low progesterone and prescribed me vaginal suppositories 2 X day 100 mL.  Since starting the Progest. in April, I am having issues with my periods.  I typically have a period on day 31 and ovulate around day 20.  Now with the suppositories, I have having a period on day 17 or 18 for 5-6 days in length and ovulate around day 12-13.  The doctor wants me to come do blood 7-9 post ovulation from an OPK but I am beginning a period before that time starts.  I called my doctor to ask and she said to continue taking the suppositories every day, including periods.  

June 22-27 LMP (HEAVY)
OPK positive July 3
July 9-14 LMP (Medium)
OPK positive July 20 (had intercourse 5 times within a few days before up to July 23)
July 24- present (spotting and very light, not sure if a full fledge period right now)

So frustrated and trying to find information on if this is typical.  Most blogs and forums keep saying that most Progest. delay or hold off periods, yet mine are coming more frequently.  Is there anyone who knows or can better explain what may be happening?


hhmmm good luck