I am 52 years old and had a L2-L5 & S1 laminectomy on 12-12-12. My surgeon said I had so many bone spurs that needed removed and that I lost a lot of blood. I used a walker for 1 week and am walking on my own now. I still have the same pain issues, pain in right leg and joints in both legs near the hip. I have been prescribed neurotin 300 mg twice a day, without much relief. I am walking a good bit, but my back becomes very tired and painful. The best position to lay is flat on my back. I am still on the pain med, Norco 10-325 during the day every 4 hours, 1 pill. I can not sit up in a chair for more than an hour, and then I am in pain. I work at the computer 8 hours a day, while sitting. I am still off work and don't know when i will be able to go back to work. Is there anyone out there who has basically had the same amount of lumbar discs with a laminectomy preformed and does anyone know about getting massages to make sure scar tissue is limited? Please help I need some encouragement and answers!