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Hey there :-| ...I really need someone's help?

1-Do u think Mastrbating Is good 4 my health? & in which way is Healthy?...

2_Do U think Mastrbating Is good 4 my health after My Gym( Working out).. ?



I reckon that masturbation is definitely healthy because it helps us deal with sexual frustration and when I was a teenager I was sexually frustrated and I really enjoyed doing it. I felt especially relieved after ejaculation and I felt that if I didn’t ejaculated at least once a day that I would burst.

I was also reading that Freud said that if we didn’t masturbate, this could lead to such frustration. While some people could project their frustration to art or doing something else creative, people who can’t control and project it could even end up with mental illnesses like depression or something else. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

I never did more than two-three times a day and of course I didn’t do it every day. I do it even less often now when I am older due to all the daily activities and obligations.

I would say that masturbation is healthy and it is fun (addiction to some people) but I wouldn’t advise doing it all the time and thinking only about masturbation.

There shouldn’t be any problems masturbating after gym, at least I don’t see any.


hey i have a qeastion that i need ur help with ? im 15 years old guy who Mastrbuate about wen i was like 13......i wanna know if u will keep doing it untl like 20 or 22 well u have some sexutal Problems/ or dose Mastrbuation is bad 4 teen. i only do like 1 r 2 a week.