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Hey girls,

I really need your help and some good advice! My niece is a little overweight. She told me that she tried almost everything, she is going in gym for a two years, but nothing. I don’t know what she eats, but I do know that she is in the gym almost every day. Now, summer is almost here, she needs to go to the excursion with her friends, in Italy. She is supper excited, of course. But, there is still that huge problem – her weight. Her mom told me that she started to starve herself. I was shocked, because I know where this can go! I am worried about her, I really want to help her. But, it seems that my support and my experience is not enough to her. I tried to call her, but she won’t answer my calls. I don’t know what to do.

How can I help her? What can I say to her – how dangerous is self – starvation for weight loss?    


Hey there,

You need to talk to her as soon as possible. Self – starvation NEVER should be an option. You need urgently to talk to her. You see, she doesn’t want to answer your calls, that means that she is already down. You need to tell her that that can only lead to anorexia, health problems, and sometimes – death! If she has problems with weight loss, take her to the nutritionist. He can suggest menu or diet for her, and I am sure that she will lose her weight. Second thing – does she have a personal trainer in the gym? Because, I remember when I went to the gym. I didn’t had personal trainer, I was doing all those exercise just like I wanted to do, and nothing happened. Anyway, you can’t expect to be whole day in the gym, and eat whatever your want. Find out what is she doing in the gym.

You need to talk to her parents as well and you all need to try the best option to help her.

You need to tell her that self – starvation is never an option. She needs to feel your support. 




When you even start to think that it is time to starve yourself, it is a problem. Of course, the problem is much bigger when you do this. In this case, when teenager girl is starve herself, it can have really dangerous aftermath. My friend’s daughter was very skinny, but she was not that pretty as the other girls from the class. She was wearing glasses, pretty ugly and old fashion clothes. She was really unhappy. So, one day, she changed all of that, she started to wear fashion clothes, she put her contacts instead of her glasses, and she started to starve herself, because she was thinking that she is fat as well. I can’t describe you that nightmare. Her parents were out of everything, trying to save her. She was anorexic. She needed a long time to cure herself. All those therapies make a lot of influence on her. She is pretty OK now.

I hope that this story is instructive, and that you will try to react as soon as possible. You need to stop her before it is too late.

Good luck, my thoughts are with you!