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Masturbation has long been a hot topic. Some people believe that it’s inappropriate or wrong, others are firm believers in the benefits of the act. If you’re not sure, you may feel differently knowing that masturbation has some serious health benefits.

Some people may be for it, others may be against it, but there’s no doubt that masturbation has long been a hot topic. Some people may believe that it’s inappropriate or wrong. Some extremists even claim that you’ll go blind if you do it. Many others are firm believers in the benefits of the act, and engage in masturbation on the regular.

Either way, it’s a personal choice, but if you’re not sure, perhaps you’ll feel differently knowing that masturbation has some serious health benefits. That’s right guys, masturbating not only feels good, but it’s good for you.[1]

Increases Sexual Self-Awareness 

Masturbation could very well be the best educator for sexual self-awareness. Typically, it is the first and most safe way for a male to get to know his body’s sexual side.  Exploring the penis through masturbation will allow you to get in tune with what type of touch, pace and rhythm arouses you and what techniques just don’t work for you.   

Leads to Self-Discovery and Better Sex 

Masturbating is a good time to focus on what is happening. Oftentimes, when we are with a sexual partner, we may become distracted or self-conscious, which may hinder us from fully letting go and truly feeling the sexual response. The concentration on the act of masturbation can help you to have more intense orgasms, which will then teach you how to naturally reenact those feelings when you are intimate with your partner. Increasing your ability to orgasm can also give your sexual confidence a huge boost, thus making you a better sexual partner. 

Relieves the Symptoms of Depression 

Realistically speaking, masturbation is not likely to cure depression, but it will make you feel better albeit temporarily. Climaxing through masturbation or sex allows the brain to release endorphins throughout the body. These endorphins, namely serotonin and dopamine, are natural mood enhancers that will elevate your mood and give you an overall “feel good” feeling.[2

Relieves Stress and Tension 

Two of the most effective ways to relieve stress are exercise and sex.  In the absence of actual sexual intercourse, masturbation is an excellent method to use to rid your body of unneeded stress and tension. Sexual release prompts the release of feel good hormones throughout the body. These endorphins will allow your body to relax mentally and physically. As a result, all the tension from a stressful day will just melt way.[3]

No More Performance Anxiety 

Performance anxiety can be a real struggle for some men that can put a damper on sexual intercourse.  With masturbation, there is no cause for worry or unnecessary anxiety. No one will be judging your performance. Additionally, there is no stress that comes from the possibility of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases and no trips to the drugstore for condoms.  Masturbation is the safest sex and is free from anxiety and worry. 

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