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i have been taking my birth control regularly, not missing any and i have been on them for a year or more now. me and my boyfriend had sex the same day that i took my last white birth control pill before my "sugar pill" we didn't use a condom but he didn't ejaculate inside me. im on my 3rd going on 4th green pill now and still no period. could i be pregnant? 


When do you usually have the withdrawal blood flow? How many days into taking the inactive pills does the flow start? Since you have not missed any pills the answer to your question is both Yes, and No. It is always possible to have failure of birth-control pills, but unlikely if you have not had any problems with the pills and have been taking them regularly, you should be protected even during the inactive pills. When you finish your inactive pills and still have not had a period then you should contact your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant (or family planning clinic or community health center) to set up a visit for a pregnancy test. Keep taking your pills as planned until you are told to stop.


It is best not to complicate things by having sex, just wait a few days. Act like you might be pregnant as all of the following recommendations are very good for your health and happiness anyway: Don't drink alcohol, eat a very healthy diet, avoid drugs of all kinds, and take a daily vitamin with folic acid. If the test is negative, continue your birth-control as directed by your doctor. If you do not have periods on the pill and this is a change for you it might signal an endocrine problem so you should let your health care provider know so they can work this up. If you have always had withdrawal bleeding during the inactive pills and now you do not it is important to report this change.


If you are now experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, a very helpful place for help is "Questions that you should ask yourself if you are pregnant" or "Questions to review if you are planning a pregnancy". You should talk these over with your partner as well as he should share in the "scare" and experience all of the anxiety and worry that you are experiencing so you can learn together. Expect an initial fear reaction such as "just get rid of it" or "take care of it". This is very common from partners who are suddenly confronted with a responsibility that seems over-whelming. Hang in there and come back to him to discuss things after things have cooled down. Be calm and ready. Say something like "I know that this is a shock for both of us but I found this web information helpful and this too (talked to my sister, my dad, my mom, my friend, etc.) and I will leave you alone to process things and then let us get together to talk more."


Remember you want to make a very important decision, but also one that you can live with for the rest of your life and won't cause you to have another unplanned pregnancy in a few months due to guilt, sadness, sense of loss, and most importantly: Do not let anyone coerse you into making a decision based on threats or predictions of what your future will be like "if you go forward with this on your own". Anyone who is having sex without a condom and another birth control method still has a risk of failure of that single method and hopefully the discuss of what to do "what if" takes place before the accidental or unplanned pregnancy occurs because it is better to be prepared (expected the expected!). This discussion is right up there with the questions about previous partners, previous at risk behaviors for AIDS and other STDs and so many other questions that can be asked up front by going through sites such as OK CUPID and answering all the amazing compatibility questions they have on line to help people talk out there expectations for relationships. Hope that this helped.