First post/question:
I have a diagnosis of Hyper Somnolence, along w/ many other medical problems for which I take multiple Rx's. I have just recently been classified as disabled by Social Security.

I had been prescribed Adderall XR 30mg and was doing fairly well on this. Since I went from corporate medical insurance to COBRA to COBRA conversion my new, and very expensive insurance BC FL insurance gives very little discount for Adderall XR and only gives a discount on Ampheta S/combo.

The Ampheta has only a very short functional period compared to the Adderall XR. They only allow one 15 mg dose of Ampheta per day and this does not come close to the Adderall in effectiveness. When driving I drink "Red Bull" almost constantly to prevent an accident and this is only marginally effective.

Any help, advice, tips from experience, ways to get the original Rx (money is VERY limited), alternative treatments (I have tried several without noticeable success) would be appreciated.

Thank You,