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Durign my ovualtion week, I accidently messed up my bcp. I forgot to take it one day, so i took it the next morning...skipped another day..took one the day was all choppy. In the outcome i took maybe 4 pills for the whole week. After that week, I stopped all together, adn started my period, which was heavier and longer than usual. I took a test, during my period, and it came up negative. Is there a real possiblity Im pregnant, or am I wishfully hoping these feeling, even tho my test was neg.? Some insight would be greatly appreciated.


Regular birth control pills STOP ovulation and take over your bodies cycle, so your "ovulation week off of pills" means little... The pill has taken over your hormones, so it is impossible to predict when you will ovulate unless you use a monitor.

YES, WHEN you miss pills you put yourself at risk for pregnancy.