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I am not ttc, but I had sex right around the time of ovulation and had my boyfriend pull out. I do not chart, but was having LOTS of clear, stretchy cervical fluid. I feel my chances of being pregnant are low assuming he got it out in time which he says he did. However, I've been having several symptoms that are causing me concern. Most of my symptoms revolved around 10 and 11 dpo, but some still remain.

1. At about 10 & 11 dpo I had mild abdominal cramping and a dull, low back ache. I thought maybe it was a sign of PMS (although I never cramp until day of period), but after 2 days, they were gone. Could this be implantation cramps?

2. I had 2 crying spells at around the same time, one even in front of a friend, and I rarely break down and cry.

3. Aversion to wine. (got a glass out to drink, took one sip and yuck)

4. Tender nipples. This is the only symptom that has remained constant and gotten progressively worse. I have told myself maybe it's PMS (although I don't usually have PMS symptoms), but today is about 15-16 dpo and still no period.

I took a hpt yesterday and it was neg, but it was not with first morning urine (I took it only about an hour or two after I had peed before). I thought I was getting af this morning because my underwear suddenly felt very wet, but checked and it was only creamy, white discharge. Should I just accept the neg test or could it be wrong? They say tests are 90% accurate if taken on the 1st day of missed period. I know most people will just say to take another test tomorrow, but if I'm probably not pregnant I don't want to waste my time or money. My nipples are still extrememly sore, and I don't have my usual PMS moodiness. In fact, if anything, my mood has been better than usual! Sorry this is so LONG! Please advise.


i think one things that alot of people are confused about is that pulling out is not a fail safe method of not becoming pregnant. Reason being is because while you're having sex with your boy friend he is letting out tiny amounts of pre cum into you, which can lead to pregnancy.

If i were you whether you find out your pregnant or not, figure out a safe birth control method so you dont have to put yourself through any extra stress!

As well as that however womens periods can be weird and some times our bodies react in different ways. The things you are experiencing may just be related to your regular cycle and you might just be more alerted to them because pregnancy is on your mind.

But if you're really in doubt and cant get it out of your head go to the doctors and get a blood test and that will tel you everything you need to know right away. good luck!


OK I don't normally post on these sites, but my boyfriend and I had sex a week ago without a condom. During sex, I told him that we were being stupid because I don't want to get pregnant right now. So we used the the infamous pull out method. (Normally we are way more careful about everything, and this wouldn't have happened.)

Then on Saturday I went out with my brother to get some lunch at a bar. And my usual favorite food just didn't taste right. I am still labelling it as bad food, but it affected me. (Nausea feeling and the other way.) So when I went home, I looked up on various web sites the whole ovulation chart thing, and freaked myself out that on the dates when I was most fertile, I was having sex with the old pull out method. (I don't need to hear that it's stupid as I know re-supplying stocks in the house will be a priority.)

And today my sense of smell is extremely strong. But I have to wait another 10 days before I can think of taking a test.

Hopefully I'm just freaking myself out right now. I definately overanalyze things and freak myself out over what turns out as nothing. My brain works superfast and it's just what I do.

At least you have the test to take now and it's coming out the way you want... double checking in a few days sounds advisable.

Good luck!


so my bf and i had sex on my ovulation day which was the 27th of march but he pulled out then we went for round two, yesterday i started feeling really warm bt i didnt have a fever, im still feeling warm, the sides of my boobs hurt and i have this weird taste in my mouth but im trying nt to be too paranoid but wat do you think? am i pregnant?



Hi candy im going through exactly tge same thing we have always used the pull out method and never got pregnant. But pregnancy symptoms started happening last Friday as in my boobs were killing me and bad cramps extremely tired and I never get pms symptoms untill I actually have my period. Yesterday I was so nauseated and broke out in a sweat. Today I am 3 days late and done a test this morning Negative! Im still a little tired and still got cramps but they feep different then period cranps now. I looked on my calendar that I was actually ovulating that day we used the pull out method hmmmm so frustrating!