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So I was not able to get my birth control pills on time and ended not being on them for an entire week. I forgot to have my boyfriend use a condom when we had sex. We had sex 3 different times within that week. The week I had no pills was the week I would have been ovulating.


I know that the usual pill prevents ovulation but because of my migraines being so severe and frequent my OB/GYN put me on a BCP that put a sort of lining on my uterus that makes it unable for a fertile egg to implant. The pill also puts a layer of stuff over the cervix or something like that to help prevent sperm getting to an egg at all. She says that even taking the pill 3 hours late can risk pregnancy.


I just wanted some advice on how likely you think it would be for my to be pregnant. My period is also almost 3 days late but the day before I was actually late but it came back negative.