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i am 18 years old and am on the pill. after having sex a couple days after i noticed that i was really sick and have almost every sign of being pregnant. its to early to take a test, and i havent missed my period. when i found out that i might be pregnant i stoped talking the pill, thinking it could be harmful. i noticed that i was spotting a couple days ago. but it got worse. im no longer spotting but almost as if i was on my period. i read online that when you stop taking the pill it may make you spot. what should i do? could i be pregant? start taking the pill again untill i know forsure? help me!


Hi Confused,

If you took the pill as directed, it is very unlikely you will get pregnant.  

The spotting is likely from stopping the pill and it will trigger your period.

The first sign of pregnancy in MOST women is a missed period.  

When did you have sex?  Wait at least 2 weeks and take a home test using your first morning urine (wake up) for best accuracy.

Check with your doctor about when to restart taking the pill.

Good luck.