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well, day 10 I missed a pill, took it immediately the next day along with that pill of the day. Two days later started to bleed, have been bleeding on and off, almost like spotting, was sort of heavy at first... now just every other day spots (enough to want to have a tampon in). Now today is the start of when my period is supposed to come normally, but nothing. I am no longer bleeding, yet I bled a little here and there through out the month. I did not miss any other pills and took them correctly.


Should I be worried?



You might had been prescribed a pill high in hormones. If you miss any pill it may cause you to experience some bleeding. If it is a low dosage, you might have started your period early. Birth control pills do change the menstrual cycle as well as menstrual flow. Since you have missed a pill, you should consider taking a pregnancy test, if you have had sex in the next week you missed the pill. you could be pregnant and the spotting is a sign of early pregnancy.