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Well my op was 1 week and 2 days ago or so. The last few days have been the some of the toughest I'd say. I have been laying off the pain meds recently due to less pain, of course, but also because I've been feeling a slight constipation coming on.. ? They say stool softeners are alright, but steer clear of laxatives! I remember hearing something about Milk of Magnesia being alright though, but since it's considered a laxative, I'm not all that sure, and I haven't had the chance to call the doc being as its the weekend. Can anyone help?

Thanks- :-)
Confused 22 year old Pst-Op


Milk of Magnesia is safe to use after sugary but keep a few things in mind.

1.You want your movements to be consistently soft but not have any added force so a stool softener, a high fiber diet, and daily Metamucil is the first approach a doctor will want to take

2.If that isn’t promoting a fluid movement then as a supplement to get things moving an additional one tablespoon of milk of magnesia can be taken at bedtime.

3.If this is still unsuccessful then you can administer one Fleets enema or drink a small bottle of Magnesium Citrate. (Note: If you get to this step be prepared for a complete and sudden emptying of your bowels. Meaning get ramped up on the pain meds first!)

Keep your doctor informed as you move from step 2 through 3. However it is not uncommon to not have your first movement until 3 days after sugary but it is essential from the moment you get home after sugary that you do step one and drink a lot of water. I recommend a gallon a day minimum because all the drugs you have been given and are on cause constipation and that will hurt if you don’t control it!

If you haven’t had a movement by day 4 call your doctor right away!


The word is "surgery" NOT "sugary"