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I had bad hems. Both internal and external. Had them for 5-6 years. You know how it goes... you learn how to live with them. I kept them in check by taking natural supplements (rutin, horse chestnut, apple cider vinegar, etc). It seemed to work for a while. Back in October, they were not happy. Nothing was working. Changed my diet, and therefore, lost lots of weight. Bleeding every day. And then the protruded hems were so large (lemon size) and hard to touch that I freaked out. I have no idea how I found out about THD, but it seemed better, faster, and less painful than the rest. Went to THD website, and picked my surgeon based solely on how near this guy was to my place (in North Dallas).

The appointment went like this: he did a digital examination, and another one I believe with an anoscope. Being a colon-rectal surgeon, I thought "he's going to tell me to choose another procedure". I inquired about THD and he told me it was the best option. I practically interviewed him: complications after surgery, what would I do if, how long something... I took like 20 questions with me and he answered all of them. I came out of that meeting feeling optimistic. With a chance of a new life. Too good to be true.

PRE OP: I had to do a cleanse. Nothing solid a day before (my surgery was in the afternoon, so I went with no solids from the day before all the way up to OP time).

OP: regular stuff. Vials in. Wait for your turn.

POST OP: dull pain in my rectum. Not painful, but quite annoying. You have to pee before they release you. However, I didn't had any liquids since the morning. I had to drink several cups of water and soda so I could go. I did. Went home.

Day 1: in bed. Dull pain remains. Not expecting #2 yet. Eating jello and liquids because I don't want to hurt the site down there. Drinking metamucil and stool softeners, along with my pain meds. 

Day 2: same as day 1 (everything).

Day 3: #2!!! A little bit, thought. No bleeding. It hurts the same as when you have a bad hem crisis. Dull pain gone. Started milk of magnesia along with the other stuff.

Day 4: I'm eating solids high in fiber (always do this from the get go). No #2.

Day 5: #2!!! A bit less, but I'm anxious to recover my routine (you kind of lose it, so right now what I'm doing is muscle memory: repeating the routines so I can get adjusted again). Again, no bleeding. Metamucil will give you lots of gas. So if you have someone taking care of you, it better be someone you trust :)  By the way, not taking any pain meds now. I went out to buy some groceries. Felt great.

Day 6: the stool softeners, the milk of magnesia, the metamucil, and the high fiber diet all came into conclusion that today was the day. I went to the restroom and spend like 10 minutes pooping non stop. At this point I got concerned because my experience for the past 5-6 years was big hems protruding. Nothing. A small bump (more on this later). I saw the light. Oh... no bleeding.

Day 7: No #2 (I expected this since whatever I had I expelled the day before). No metamucil. No milk of magnesia. Nothing. Start eating regularly (everything is high-fiber still).

Day 8: Check up with doctor. The bump will go down really fast. Still maintain high-fiber diet, but free to eat whatever I want ("WHAT??? Seriously????"). #2 a bit.

Day 9: No #2.

Day 10: No #2.

Day 11: Yes to #2.

Day 12: Yes to #2.

As you can see, my experience is different than the horrible stories you've read here. I also came here looking for answers and prognosis, and all that. I was more influenced by the horror stories than the good ones (that's where I got my questions from). It says that in 24-48 hours you should be ok... I'd say yes if you are taking strong pain meds (the ones I had were mild), and if you're lucky to have a restroom you can use at any time. I took 2 weeks off to make sure the healing process does its wonder. Don't go to a GI doctor. Go to the THD webpage and look for a physician. Mine was really good (I'm lucky). 

If you have the means to do it, go ahead and don't waste time. It works. 


Hello, MAC!  Glad to hear a positive story on your hemorrhoid removal.  I have only heard how painful it can be for the person who goes through it so it is great that it doesn't always have to go that way. THD, or transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization, appears to have a better post-surgical outcome then a standard procedure. I am glad you posted about the procedure so that others may benefit from that option.

Has anyone else had THD surgery done?  What was your experience? Are there any other stories from our forum readers where their hemorrhoid surgery went well for them? 



Hi MAC, Thaks for sharing this. By the way who was your doctor? I'm looking for the same procedure in Dallas north.



Hi MAC, Thaks for sharing this. By the way who was your doctor? I'm looking for the same procedure in Dallas north.