This is my diary of what I went through with my hemorrhoid surgery and its recovery.

If you just want to know if there is light at the end of the tunnel – read the bottom few paragraphs. But if you need tips and ideas to cope up with it, read the full post.



I must have had hemorrhoids for couple of years, not sure when they started (mine are/were internal), but I'd alarming episode of bleeding about an year ago. I consulted a specialist after that and he advised surgery. He said I will have to have a downtime of about 2 weeks. My main problem was that, finding two weeks was harder that tolerating hemorrhoids. Took me a year of agony, finally I made that time and gone through surgery, in that process I noted my related experiences in a Word document, which is pasted below. Feel free to ask questions if you need help.


Week 1

My surgery was done mid October. Right after surgery when I came home I felt so good!

My butt and hole felt like new! Smooth and perfectly shaped - partly because they had removed all the hair around it and of course, the bumpy things near there were gone.


That night I could not pee. By 2 am my bladder was so full, that even the slight vibrations caused by others walking around the house was hurting.


Day 2

No bowel movement. Bladder still full, passing urine is also a big deal. I'm on oxycodine and Ibuprofen, they seem to help me sleep.


Day 3 – For the bowel movement I took Dulcolax, it might have helped, not sure. The bowel movement is very small at a time and extremely painful. The spasms of my anal muscles just doesn't let anything come out, neither stool, nor pee. What I'm doing is, take a good dose of painkillers and 45 minutes later try to pass bowel. Doesn't work. The painkillers just don't help with that pain. Also, What I learnt that the pain killers cause constipation.

Just attach two pieces of tape on opposite edge of the pad in the center, half on the pad, half outside, and then attach the pad in the butt crack. The pad folds to my contour and fits well. It does well in absorbing all the discharge.


Day 4 – What I found that a step stool in front of potty helps relieve some of pain. Coming to find out, there are products out there that do this,I did't use that product but I just kept a standard step stool just in front of potty, squat on that step stool so that any excretions will fall in the toilet bowl. To pee, I keep a cheap plastic mug in front between my feet, and empty it in the toilet bowl if gets too full. Definitely helps reduce the pain while passing stool. I need that because the muscles and nervous system related to pee is linked to bowel movement too. If I can pee I've some chance to be able to pass bowels, if I can not pee – there is no bowel movement and vice versa.

Also I am using a cleansing bottle to clean after bowel movement. no baby wipes or toilet paper, just fill this bottle with warm water before going to potty. Squeeze it with one hand and clean with other.


Day 5 – I'm lying in the bed and reading all these forums on my phone related to aftermath of hemorrhoid surgery, nobody out there says there is light at the end of the tunnel. I think as they feel better, they forget these sites, and never come back. At least I hope that's the case.


Day 6 – I think I tore some stitches during bowel movements. I can feel a bumpy little thing on the left side of my anus. The pokey things inside are so painful, as if someone has stuck some needles in there.


Day 7 – haven't found a solution for consistent bowel movements yet. The anus hole is too small to pass anything, just too painful.

Also what I found is moaning loudly while passing stool helps reduce pain!

It's embarrassing, but at the moment I just don't care for anything, the pain is just unbearable.


Week 2

Started on Milk of Magnesia, started with 2 tbsp just before bedtime. That seems to help loosening the stool. Still the passing is painful, and the afterburn is also terrible.


I'm still in bed for most of the time, trying to walk in the neighborhood as much as I can. I had never though simply passing stool would be such an ordeal!


Week 3

Met with the doctor, he just shrugs of all the pain and suffering, says everything is normal. I blew some stitches early on and there is going to be a tab that will be leftover after the dust settles. I hope it doesn't bother. Doctor says I will get used to it but if it bothers too much, he can do an office procedure with local anesthesia to remove it. I hope I get used to it and it doesn't bother, I don't want to go through this hell again.


Going to work for few hours every day. I still have significant discharge, need to change gauze pad every few hours. what I notice is mucus formation and discharge. The longer the time gap between bowel movements, more is the mucus. Also I notice sometimes fecal matter on the gauze pad.


Whenever passing bowel movement, first goes a lump of bloody mucus. Also I noticed that if I have to apply pressure while passing bowels, I think wounds inside just tear up and there is blood all over, and then the afterburn is too much.


Week 4:

The mucus is still there. Changing gauze pads twice or thrice a day. I'm still taking Milk of Magnesia, reduced it to 1 tbsp now, just before bedtime.

And every morning 1 tbsp Citrucel with a cup of water. In addition to that my diet is extremely high fiber diet - lots of fruits and vegetables with Pearl Millet bread.

That bread is easy to digest and easy on bowel movements.


Today I had to stand all day at a booth at trade show, too much running around, lunch on the go, no chance to change gauze pad. At the end of the day when I changed pad I see a streak of dark brown. Possibly fecal matter mixed with mucus. Hope that goes away soon.

Following day of mild constipation. Painful BM. I tore something inside. I can see blood. Another tab developed on right side.


Week 5:

Several days of bleeding and pain. Right side tab is definitely there.

Changed the stool softeners and laxatives this week.

Ducosate 100 mg 2 tablets, and Senna 2 tablets at bedtime, seems to be working better.

I'm so afraid of constipation, will stay with these for couple of weeks until Im healed well.

I've started doing Kegel exercises, hope that will help it heal faster, and control any discharge.


Week 6:

Thanksgiving Party time... lots of food – no spices though. I seem to have handled it well. The revised stool softeners and laxatives seem to be helping.

Did several hours of yard work this week. Lot of leaves raking, lifting/dumping/mowing, etc. etc. Didn't have any residue on the gauze pads. Mucus seems to be less too.


Week 7:

I've relocated the gauze pad now, instead of my skin, I'm attaching it to my underwear. I like that freedom.

Can not handle any spices yet, not even garlic. Burns the next day. My food currently consists of lot of fruits – bananas, apples, plums, oranges, grapes, milk, pearl millet bread, partially cooked vegetables. Overall bland, I'm craving for spicy food. What I noticed is raw salad is hard on BM, so I'm staying away from that for a while.


I'm planning to reduce the stool softeners and laxatives next week.


Week 8:

I'm still using the step stool. I think I will stay with that for some time, just seems like a good habit.

Reduced the laxative to one tablet a day, still taking 2 tablets of stool softeners. Garlic in food seem to be tolerable, haven't tried any chili yet. The gauze pads are clean too, no more stains on them. No more discharge – keep fingers crossed.


Week 9

stopped laxatives, reduced the ducosate tablet to just one a day.


Week 10:

No more gauze pads. I can handle spicy food too.

I've stopped the ducosate too. I think I'm out of Red.

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