I missed two days of birth control a week before the sugar pill week. I took the most recent pill missed and skipped one all together and continued on the pack. I had breakthrough bleeding on the second day missed that continued for a few days. Once my period week came, I didn't get one which I figured would happen. I still had all the PMS symptoms, breast tenderness, cramps etc, but a little more intense than normal. Fast forward. I'm now on a new pack on my fourth day and feeling all the symptoms still. In addition, when I have sex, there's always blood after. I did not have sex when I missed the pills and before that I'm on the pill and I use condoms. Another symptom is today I discovered discharge that has small brown clumps in it almost crumb like. Is this all just hormonal fluctuation with missing pills then going back on them then the sugar pill week then starting a new pack?