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I was involved in a head-on car accident in 2005. Since then I have had several different procedures to control my chronic back pain with nerve pain in my legs. I've had epideral injections, nerve ablations, and finally 2 different Spinal Cord Stimulators implanted, Medtronics and Boston Scientific. The SCS works but on a very limited basis. Usually only about 25-30% relief. I have a significant reaction to narcotics, which usually leave me extremely sedated, or knocked out completely. Taking 2-mg Dilaudid every 4 hours is about as much narcotics as I can handle without the narcotic over-reaction. They are now reccomending a morphine pump implant for my chronic back pain. Will I be able to function at all? Do they set a maximum dose and allow you to adjust it anywhere below the maximum dose? Or, is the dose adjustment only controlled by the Physician?


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My husband has a morphine pump inplanted in him. It is done as an out patient surgery center. The pump is a size of a hockey puck, he goes in every three to four months to get it new morphine put in. They draw out the old and place it in with the new. If they need to up it they put this machine on the pump from the outside of your skin it's pretty cool.  My husband had his placed in August of last year. He has guillain barre syndrome there is no cure for it that is why he has the morphine pump.  He functions with it as for the morphine stand point.  They will do a trial on you first to see if it will work before inserting it in you. Do the trial to see if it works for you. If you can't afford the medication and live on low income they have a finacial wavier form for the morphine at no cost.  As long as you have no health insurance, if you have health insurance that is great too.   It is your pain management doctor who will do this. My husband was taking so many high doses of morphine, hydrocodone, among other medication cause of the GBS.  You should do research for it, it may help you they can lower or up the dose to what suits you. You will be winged off on the other pain medication. I wish you the best, I hope if you decide to get it I hope it works for you. You can contact me any time. Also my husband when he goes to the hospital he gets the dilate as well if needs to be. You just got to make sure to carry your card with you every where you go the piece of paper that has your dosages on it.  Make sure when you go in to the hospital make sure they are awhere of the morphine pump. I am going to get my husband a medical bracelet that list his GBS , morphine pump on  his bracelet.  But my husband is always with me no matter what but never know when something happens while in a car driving with idiots on the roads.