Good evening, I a hoping someone can or knows anything about GBS and memory loss. Here is my husband's story.

Chris is 33 yrs old who was working full time as a corrections officer for the state of Florida. On July 30th, 2012 my husband woke up with memory loss and slurring words. I rushed him to the hospital ( I thought he was having a stroke) they diagnosed him with aphasia. My husband was discharged sent home then he started having problems peeing, walking his legs would go to be cold,clammy, purplish, fatigue took him back in the hospital again they did spinal tap, blood work his white blood count was really high but it was all ignore. I was told he had aphasia it was all in his head, it did not make no sense to me at all. I was told from a lot of people to have them check for GBS, we went to see another neurologist and I asked him and he told me my husband did not have it at all. That it was in his head. He needed a head doctor. I knew in my heart and gut that it wasn't in my husband's head. I asked my husband to see one more neurologist if he comes back then we just go the next step. I took this new neurologist the medical records and my husband Chris, he then look at us and told us we needed to get him in the hospital right away. We asked why, he told us that Chris had GBS. August 30,2012 he was diagnosed. He went in the hosptial for five days of treatment.  No improvements, then we tried it again in March 2013 still no improvements, then April 2013 he had the supra pubic cathered put in, May 2013 he had his first relapsed another round of treatments, then started to slow progress. He can walk short distance but has to sit right away still require the wheel chair. August 2013 he had the morphine pump placed in. He does fight a lot of UTI (urine tract infections). We believe he is having a flare up of GBS he just got home from the hospital on Friday. But he still suffers from long term memory loss, but I do believe he is losing his short term loss as well. He is fatigue at times, his appette goes up and down. Anxiety is bad especailly if he is a large group of crowds, or he does not know you at all. He can't recall past life still, family, friends, list goes on and on it's heart breaking sometimes he doesn't know who I or himself is.