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A film by the Coen Brothers

The Hudsucker Proxy is the fantastic story of Noville Barnes (Tim Robbins). Norville is just some poor shmoe looking for work, but he isn t qualified for anything and he has no work experience. He takes a job as a mailroom clerk at Hudsucker Industries. We re not sure what they do or what they make, but at a board meeting, we find out the company is posting record profits. When a man is done with his litany of the company s successes, the chairman, Mr Hudsucker himself, stands up on the long table, starts running, and commits suicide by jumping out the window and falling to his death.

What to do? The rest of the board needs to be able to purchase a controlling interest in Hudsucker stock, but the stock price is too high. The formulate a plan to temporarily drive down the stock prices by hiring as president of the company someone so incompetent that shareholders will be so scared that stock prices will plummet. The dimwit president: Norville Barnes. It is Sidney Mussburger (Paul Newman) who is pulling the strings behind the scenes to make all this happen; it is his master plan that sets all this in motion.

Amy Archer (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is the fast talking reporter who goes undercover to investigate Norville and find out why Hudsucker would have hired him as the president. The Hudsucker Proxy is funny in a smart, clever way, and is highly entertaining. The Coen Brothers do not make ordinary or conventional movies ( Intolerable Cruelty aside), but they definitely make some of the top movies of any given year.


It's been years since I've seen this. I don't really remember anything about it, except for that it was great.