im 14 years old. my boyfriend and i did not have sex, but we are both active with eachother. orally? i guess. the story goes as if he had fingered me, and afterwords, long story short, he had came in my mouth a little bit. i swallowed a little of it i believe because i panicked. afterwards he had came, we both immediately washed our hands and stopped. then about 20-30 minutes later, im most sure (not 100%) that his hands did not have contact with anything down there. im 90% sure he didnt have contact. we never had direct contact of touching or having sex. i also did not touch myself afterwards near my vagina he had came but im still VERY worried about my situation. ive reasearched and i read that you cannot got pregnant from swallowing semen or oral sex or dry humping (with clothes on) or mutal masturbation which is everything we have done. my period is supposed to come in 4-5 days, but sometimes my period is irregular aswell and sometimes misses it but comes back. am i pregnant or was there a chance?