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I had sex in March and he never came, but i gave him a blow job and then used my spit as lube. Also, he touched his thing, and might have got some precum on it.. then he fingered me afterwards. And we had "dry sex" we both had our underwear on and he rubbed his thing against mine. What are the chances of getting pregnant from this? He never came either.. 

Also, I got my first period a couple of days late, but a negative pregnancy test. Then I took another one 1-3 weeks later and it was negative again. Then I got my second period 2 days late. I don't think I have any symptoms of pregnancy, but i've been reading these stories about these women whom had their period while being pregnant and they didn't know they were until like 5-6 months in. 

What is the possibility of being pregnant after 2 periods and 2 negative pregnancy tests? 

i know i sound ridiculous.. but there are so many weird stories; 


Theoretically speaking, there is always a possibility and your chances are almost nil. Did he use a condom when you two had sex? If yes, and he correctly used it, that is almost a zero chance for you to get pregnant. And if he didn't, you said he didn't came so there is not much to worry about. But if there's precum with sperm that is left inside his penis the last time he masturbated or had sex then that is maybe something that could get you pregnant. Even if precum could get inside your vagina, precum sperm are not too many to survive inside you but it only takes one to impregnate a woman. And about the dry sex? Dry sex and you two both have clothes on and he never came? I would say a zero chance. In my opinion, you can't be pregnant. You had your period. You took pregnancy tests and the results are negative. Don't worry. And there are others out there in worse situations and have more reasons to worry.