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My boyfriend has been on cymbalta before we started dating and we just started to become sexually active last night.

He's a wonderful guy and he's wonderful in bed but he can't get an erection. No erection, no intercourse. As I said he is wonderful in bed and I would never ever tell him but I really do want to be penetrated and i like that feeling of being entered by a man i love. I love that part of sex as I feel it really "completes" the experience.

Does anyone know if there are any safe alternatives in which he can maintain an erection while on cymbalta? Any advice would be appreciated!



He's lucky to have such a supportive, understanding girlfriend as you!

You say he's wonderful in bed. That's great!

Have you two considered alternatives to straight intercourse when in bed?  There's tons of other ways to get off and show pleasure and love...

massage, oral, mutual masturbation, kissing, cuddling, and a world of toys... everything from a vibrator to a dildo to a strap on... the list goes on and on.  If he can't have an erection right now due to his medication, perhaps you two could sellect a dildo or a vibrator at a love shop together.  You might enjoy the feel of penetration by him, even though he may not be erect.  he can still pleasure you.... in various ways. His doctor should be able to give him some advice or alternatives to that medication, if any.

In the meantime, hang onto that wonderful guy in bed.  Something tells me if he's that wonderful now, he's really going to be something special when you two work this out!

Good luck!