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Learning how to enhance the male orgasm is an excellent way for both men and women to spice things up in the bedroom. Here are some tips to raise the orgasm bar for men that both partners can get in on. So take note and have at.

Ladies, have you ever wondered what you could do to make your guy’s orgasm more intense? And guys, have you ever wanted to learn a few tricks that can help push yourself over the edge? Learning how to enhance the male orgasm is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

Ladies, if your guy is working hard to intensify his pleasure, you will reap the benefits, as your orgasms can in turn be just as mind blowing.  Here are some tips to raise the orgasm bar for men that both partners can get in on. So guys, take note and have at. 

Stay in the Moment 

While being intimate with your partner, try to stay out of your own headspace. Simply, try to concentrate on every sensation rather than concerning yourself with how well you’re performing. Allow yourself to get lost in the noises that surround you, especially her sensual moaning. Use all of your senses to take her in. Look at her or look in a mirror, if you have the opportunity, to see yourselves intertwined in each other. Take in her scent and use your hands to caress her body. 

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Pace Yourself 

When you’re having intercourse and you start to feel that sensation building, take a break. Halt the penetration and engage in some other sensuous activities, then continue on with your lovemaking.  Keep doing this until you’re ready to burst. The act of interrupting that build-up can actually make your orgasm more intense and what’s even better, can make her orgasm more intense also. 

Get Creative 

Engage in some role-playing activities with your partner if she’s into it. Pretending that you’ve just met or acting out other various other scenarios can increase the desire you have for one another and build up to an unforgettable orgasm.  While some couples also dabble in bondage, spanking, hair pulling or even choking, it is important to understand that any of these options should always be discussed with your partner in advance.

Because of the nature of these acts, they should always be done in a safe manner. If role-playing or the rough stuff isn’t her thing, you can always try fantasizing in your own mind, just make sure you don’t get carried away. Calling her by a different name, for example, can certainly be a deal breaker. Fantasizing as well as watching erotic videos can also be a good tool to use when masturbating to intensify your climax. 

Remember That it’s Not a Marathon 

If you want to have better, more intense orgasms, be sure to take your time. This goes for intercourse as well as masturbation. During sex, many guys find themselves racing to the finish line, pumping fast to get to the crescendo. If you reduce your speed and penetrate her slowly, even as you build up to the climax, you will find yourself feeling all of the sensations that lead up to the orgasm, thus making you feel the orgasm more intensely. Likewise, when masturbating, many guys are in a rush to simply get it done or are afraid they will get caught in the act. If this is true for you, plan to masturbate when you have ample time to not only get the job done but also to thoroughly enjoy it. 

Tighten Up 

While you are in the throws of passion try to flex your muscles; your pelvic or thigh muscles that is.  Tightening your thigh muscles or pelvic floor muscles during intercourse can make your orgasm more intense. Just contract and release them periodically while you’re in the act and this will help heighten the sensations. Be subtle, of course, as you don’t want to frighten your partner. 

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