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Hello, I'm quite embarrassed to be talking about this over the internet as I've yet
to know what I should do about this problem that I've been dealing with for about
three years now.
It all started during summer before I headed into eighth grade (I'm currently in
my Junior year in high school). Throughout summer I noticed myself having several
unwanted erections at random times throughout the day (about once or twice a day),
which was quite strange to me considering that I usually wouldn't even get one
erection every two weeks or so during that time that I was in 7th grade. From this
point on I just came to the conclusion that I was definitely going through puberty
during this time.

School Begins With My Erectile Problems.

So eighth grade started, and I was a bit nervous since I was recently having those
erectile problems throughout summer and didn't know if it would affect me
throughout my final year in Middle School or not. Sadly... It defiantly did, I was
constantly having at least two erection a day in schools! These erection were
absolutely annoying , hurtful (due to underwear), and would result in total
embarrassment upon me if I were to ever be caught. As time past by I would attempt
to control it and find out new ways to prevent it, one of witch was distracting my
self from thinking about anything related to sex if it would randomly pop up in my
head. This method worked, but not too well. I was at times feeling angry with
myself and or feeling quite sad due to this problem that I was having in my eight
grade year.

Starting High School

Coming into high school for me felt somewhat similar to the ways I felt emotionally
when I started my eighth grade year in middle school due to still having this
erectile problem. Not only did my attraction towards women increase, but my
erectile problem got worse and worse. I was looking at about four to five
erections a day throughout school and about two a day at home. Erections about
80% of the times when I would wake up in the morning occurred too, which I've heard
happens to several people, but 80% of the time just doesn't seem like it would
happen to a regular teen waking up in the morning. These erections wouldn't just be
as soon as I would wake up in the morning obviously, but as I'm sleeping and I would
wake up throughout random times in my sleep. This means that throughout my sleep i
was looking at several hours of an erect penis.

Wanting To Be To Talk To This Wonderful Girl At School(Current time).

So it's my junior year in high school and I've been focusing on what I plan on doing
in my life, one of which is focusing in what I would like to study in college, and
having a kind and loving spouse with a beautiful family leading ahead in the future
which is perhaps what I'm looking to most and what frightens me at the same time
this very moment due to this problem that I'm still experiencing after three years

There's this one girl that i've been paying attention to, that from my point of
view has some sort of interest in me and I was informed by a buddy of mine along
the lines of her having physical interest in people like myself. She's nice, sweet,
cute and a very smart girl. Problem is... I don't quite know how to approach her
beginning in a friendly way. The reason being is because by any chance, what if she
really does have interest in me? Would she ask to be my girlfriend? Would there be
sexual some sort of sexual tension (not sure if this is the right definition for
it) even if she was or wasn't my girlfriend?
This leads me to thinking about my erectile problems once again. Because it leads
me wondering, what if I receive an erection when she hugs me, when im having a
conversation with her, when we kiss or make out depending on what type of
relationship we're in. Keep in mind this this doesn't just apply with my feeling
completely towards her, but to any other girl that I happen to meet in my future.
Throughout these years this small little problem has made a huge impact in my life,
which has caused me to feel depressed about this problem and stop talking to those
females that I find very attractive, which has effected my social life towards
with them. At this point I just don't know what to do and how to fix it.

Please, I need help. What should I do? :cry:
-I'm defiantly looking for a reply or two as it may not only help me, but those who are
also experiencing this problem thought their live.

- Thank you.


At the current time of asking, there are approximately one billion people afflcted with your problem. It's called being male. And young. If you're old enough to read, you'll have read about viagra. That's another one billion people wishing they were afflicted with your problem.

I have bad news for you - you seriously need to consider a career as a writer, in some form, as you are highly literate and cogent. Maybe write a book for all the other teens out there that are equally embarassed, and have no idea they're normal, and we all had to go through what you're going through.

You have also very cogently described one of life's great dilemmas for males - how to relate happily and comfortably and sociably with women, despite the fact that your body is saying 'hey dude, quit talking, start ... ' Since you've demonstrated in your post that you're intelligent, thoughtful and considerate, I'd say you have a high chance of pulling it off.

Snippet - from Irresistible, I seem to recall - a guy thinks about sex once every four minutes. Walk down a high street in summer, and it's more like every four seconds. It's life.

And girls aren't idiots - eventually they know they're going to want a guy to get an erection. It's just that from roughly the onset of puberty to legal adulthood, they are learning, just as you are, how to deal with the fact that they're now getting attention, and feeling feelings, that they find almost equally difficult to adjust to.

So the good news is, that was the longest non-issue post I've had the pleasure to read, and also the most well written.

Congratulations, dude - you're normal. Just don't forget to write a book and tell all the other teens how to cope, when you've figured it out.


I don't believe a post is well-written - or that the poster should "become a writer" - if they continually mistake the word "defiantly" for "definitely"......just saying.


Yea.. that wasnt the problem here you f**k sh*t... some people actually have real problems. If you dont think he should be a writer you should have just kept that to your self.

and for the guy with the erection problem. my boyfriend has the same thing he is 19 he gets a hard when i kiss him. I wonder if he's gonna grow out of it. but most guys that get an erection easily can last long during intercouse. so there's a plus side. hang in there.

and you that wrote the negative comment... I hope you get an E.D maybe then you'll know how it is to have real problems.