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my brother has paranoid schizophrenia.  He has been off of his medication for a number of years and believes that everyone is out to get him.  He believes that myself and my daughters have cursed him with some type of satanic spell.  I've tried to be there for him and help him to get back on his meds and get treatment, but nothing has worked.  I recently went by his house to check on him and he became extremely violent and began yelling & screaming about myself, my daughters and the curse.  Should I be worried he will come after us?  Should I stay away and cut all ties because of the violence he has towards me and my family?  Or should I continue to reach out even though he is adamant about me staying away from him. Please help, I am scared for myself and my family.


Definitely stay away from him. Explain to him that he has a severe mental illness and he has become a dangerous person. Let him know that in no uncertain terms, you and your family will not have contact with him until he resumes his medications. Then stick by that plan. That may be enough for him to realize that he needs to take his medications whether he thinks he needs them or not. Then let his case worker know your plan. Ask his caseworker to contact you when he/she thinks it is safe for you to contact him. 

In his mind, he is the perfectly sane one and the rest of the world is crazy. It's best not to argue with someone who is has paranoid schiz. They can become extremely dangerous. In his mind, his reality is completely different than yours. Rather than arguing, it's usually best to validate their a/v hallucinations/delusions and remain calm. Trying to reorient them to reality usually causes nothing but pain and turmoil. For instance, if he tells you the CIA has been contacting him through the TV, ask what the CIA is telling him, rather than trying to convince him that the CIA has better things to do. 

But in the meantime, please keep yourself and your family away from him until he is stable on his meds. Good luck with everything and keep us posted!