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Hi, I'm Jane.
My dad was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia which I only found out about today at age 14. For almost 5 years now things with my family have been really messed up. When my dad was diagnosed he refused to take medication. Refusing he has paranoid schizophrenia. Sometimes he's mean to my mother, but that is really underexaggerated. I dont know what to do about my dad. He has mentally and physically abused my family and me. Yesterday I saw him for 5 minutes in 4 days. He's cheating on my mother for revenge of her "cheating" on him. He is sick, and it's like I cant do anything. Can I help him? Is there a way that I can get him to take medication?


Hi Jane,

I had a similar experience with my father.

He denies being sick and believes his paranoid delusions are real. The only way he ever made it to a psychiatrist is upon referral by a GP. He had an exisiting heart condition which the GP used as the excuse for the referral - she didn't want his anxiety over "all the people following him" to affect his heart.

He is no on anti-psychotic medication for his schizophrenia, but he thinks it is only to fix his "anxiety".

I suggest you speak to your family GP if you have one, you need to speak to some sort of medical professional first. See what they say, then see if they can get your dad in to see them for any reason - unrelated to his schizophrenia.

Good luck. I wish you well xx