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I'm 13 and there is a bit of skin (not the frenulum) a fused behind my head I managed to peel some off but there's some left i what should I do?


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Just take a bath pull your foreskin back as far as you can and hold it there and let it soak a while then see if you can pull it back underwater and release it.
Keep trying that and it will separate after a while


Baby boys are born with the inner layer of the foreskin fused with the surface of the underlying glans penis. This is natural and normal. Over some years the fusion spontaneously disintegrates and releases the inner foreskin. This usually happens prior to puberty, but not always.

Apparently, your foreskin has not yet released, although it probably is about ready to release due to your age. You can try peeling the foreskin away from the glans penis to see if you can break the remaining fusion. Do it carefully and little by little. It may take you several tries to get it all.

When you tear the foreskin away, the head will be red in color, where the separation occurred, for a while.

If you can’t get it to separate by pulling on it, a urologist can help you. It is called “lysing”.