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I am 17 years old, and so is my gf. We had unprotected sex, about 2 weeks ago. The day after, we went to a clinic and got Plan B. We felt relieved, but now we are worried all over again. She is currently 2 days late for her period, and i am extremely worried that she is pregnant. So far, she doesnt appear to have any pregnancy symptoms, but without her period its so hard to tell. I am extremely worried, because we are too young to raise a child. Nonetheless, an abortion runs $325 + at local clinics. (if thats what it comes to anyway) I need help because im really scared and anxious, and i need to know if SHE could be pregnant. Please give me any related advice. Thank you,

Sammy Mohamed, 17


Plan B is a high dose of hormones in turn it messes with a womans cycle. I doubt you have anything to worry about but you could buy a cheap HPT for her to take just to be sure (Or your clinic should offer free testing)
If and when its negative you really should have her get on the regular BCP- its MUCH more reliable (over 99% effective in preventing preg and a lot easier on her body and BOTH of yor stress levels....
AND if she ever were to get pregnant yu realize there is also adoption (everything is paid for, including living expenses and sometimes she can even get college scholarships) I highly doubt she is currently pregnant and as long as you have her get on the "pill" you wont ever have to worrt about these things but I just wanted to pitch in some food for thought because i have seen WAY too many girls go into a severe SEVERE depression that they struggle with for the rest of their lives. Good luck. Take care.