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So I am a 22 year female and my period is two late. I've had cramping for the past two days though and had some of my other regular pms symptoms (mood swings, anxiety, picky eating). I had unprotected sex around my ovulation time, but took the morning after pill the next morning. I'm not sure if I am or if it's just all the stress I've put on myself for being two days late. When should I think about getting a pregnancy test?



I have the same kind of topic i took plan b at the first of the month. And then spotted the next day after taking the pill. And then about a week or so later i had my period it lasted about 6-7 days. And now my boobs are sore and i have a weird feeling in my groin but i took a pregnancy test and it said i was not prego. I had this b4 when i took plan b it made me feel very werid...and i think my period is going to b early this time. But i dont know whats going on. I cant see me having a period and then being prego.? its kind of weird. lol Plan b is full of hormones so im not sure. It also makes your period later then its sapose to be. It made my friends late and mine to the last time i did it. So im not sure whats going on but im sure its just the hormones that will make your period late. And for me im thinking th same thing.