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Today is day two. The scabs are starting to form which i'm surprised, that was quick. The pain isn't horrible, but I have been taking my meds every 3 hours instead of every 4-6 like the bottle says to make SURE i'm not in pain. I think I have enough medicine to last me until Sunday and then i'm going to have to call in a refill if I can. I know the first few days are the easiest from what I read day 4 and on is when it gets bad with ear pain and whatnot. My tongue is so sore and like where my molars are for some reason. I have been able to eat noodles today, I managed chicken and stars, cream of wheat, ramen noodles, and some fish chewed up really well. When do scabs start falling off?


It sounds like you and I are the only two eating on this board. I got my tonsils taken out Friday, August 27,2010 at 8:00am. On the day of surgery I came home drinking like a camel, I swear I must have gone through 32 ounces of water and gatorade just before I ate "lunch." For lunch I had a good sized helping of applesauce followed by a container of baby food. Then even more water and gatorade. I found that the lemon-lime gatorade felt amazing when it was a little warm, like room temp. and water had to be super cold to go down. I slept very little on the day of surgery, I was more focused on getting my fluids in than trying to sleep. Before I went to bed I ate some more applesauce and then finished off a can of pears.

Yesterday was my day one after surgery and I felt awful most of the day. I think the lack of sleep caught up with me then. I would wake up just long enough to eat a small bowl of applesauce and take my oxycodone and drink a little bit of water and gatorade and go right back to sleep. I did this for about 12 hours and then I was tired of sleeping. So I got up and ate more applesauce. Then I went with my mom to the grocery store to pick up some more food. I found these lemon ice pops that taste incredible and tingle a bit going down, it feels like they are breaking up the goo in my throat. I decided before bed that I was going to eat something substantial and made some VERY cooked penne with butter and light italian seasonings. It was the best thing i have tasted in two days. I have however noticed that if i eat too quickly or dink too fast after I eat that I have a little bit of spit up. I'm sure that is normal. I may be the only one here that is doing this, but I am pushing my pain pills back so that they will last longer. So I take 2 every 6-8 hours instead of 4-6. Well I hope everyone recovered quickly.