my period is three weeks late and that is very unusual for me.. i've tested at home 4 times all negative results.. once at the doctors office also negative.. she took blood test for thyroid problems and prolactin, i havent gotten the results back yet.. but she gave me provera to start my period but before i even filled the prescription i went online to research it.. and it said dont take within the first three months of pregnancy because it can cause birth deffects so i've decided against it.. because apparently false negatives are not uncommon... i'm wondering how many women have experienced this??? my syptoms... moodier then ever! lots of discharge which the doctor said is due to bacterial vaginosis but i researched that also and its very common in pregnant women... tired but cant fall asleep, gas, weird pain/cramping on and off mainly after i eat... and a huge increase in my sex drive.. and itchy armpits lol i have no idea if that has anything to do with anything but i figured i'd put it.. have any of you had this problem or know anyone that has?? please help me out..