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I recently tested positve for gonorrhea during my annual PAP. When my doctor gave me the results, I was incredulous and asked her if she was sure. She said she was - that she had tested me during every PAP smear (for the last 4 years) and this is the only one to come back positive. Well.....of course my hubby of 6 years is the one I was looking at crazy. He swears he is innocent and his test came back negative - but so did a chlamydia test he took even though he kept reinfecting me before I told him to get tested and treated or get lost. Sure enough, once he was treated, I have not tested positive for chlamydia since. Should I trust that my doctor's test was correct and that he got another false negative result for a test, or should I assume my test was wrong? I plan to go back and be retested, even though I was already treated. Since he was not treated, I figured he would reinfect me and we would know for sure. Either my doctor is a quack, my hubby is a liar or I am a medical anomaly.


Hi guest,

"False-positive" results for gonorrhea are common depending upon what type of test was used. 

It is also possible to have "false-positive" chlamydia results.

It isn't necessarily your doctor.  It would be the lab they use for the testing that may be at fault.

Since both are bacterial in nature neither infection lies dormant in your body but you may not present with symptoms for years.

Hope it helps.