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my wife's regular menstrual cycle is 28 days but its 38 days now and no period but we observed symptoms similar to that of period. home test reads -tive, could she b pregnant?


Hi Justice,

If she has not had her period then she could be pregnant.  Sometimes though, for no reason, women can/do miss their period even when not pregnant.

Retest.  Make sure that she uses her first morning urine, her "wake up" pee, for the best accuracy.  Follow all directions VERY carefully.

False negatives are VERY common when testing early.  A false positive would be very rare.  The longer you wait the more likely the test will be accurate.

Not all women test successfully using the urine test. 

At this point, almost 10 days past when she expected her period take the retest.  If still negative she may want to consider seeing her doctor.  They can perform a blood test if they feel appropriate.