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I am on the fifth day of my period today ( friday dec. 1) and i plan to have unprotected sex with my boyfriend tomorrow (saturday dec. 2). Is there a high risk of becoming pregnant if i were to have sexual intercourse without using a condom during this time? My period usually lasts about 8 days. At this moment, it is currently light red and no longer heavy meaning that I am close to finishing my cycle. What can you tell me? What should I do? I have had unprotected sex before with him but never while on my period and haven't gotten pregnant. So that's why I am kinda scared and nervous and seek help and advice immediately. Can anyone help me?


SPERM CAN LIVE IN YOU FOR UP TO 5 DAYS, it could fertilize an egg that would come at a certian time after your period.

You need to use some type of protection or YOU WILL GET PREGNANT.

You can get birth control for FREE or low cost from planned parenthood, NO PARENTAL CONSENT IS NECESSARY.

You need to use condoms, otherwise you are risking pregnancy.