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Whether you are newly trying to get pregnant or have been at it for a while, the new year offers a chance to take a fresh look at your venture.

What can you do to boost your fertility, increase your chances of getting pregnant, or to enjoy better health in general? 

Take stress relief seriously

No, there is still no scientific evidence that stress causes infertility. Though extreme stress may possibly prevent a woman from ovulating during a particular menstrual cycle, this would not be a long-term problem. I am not suggesting that relaxing can cure infertility, either. Stress is really bad though, and taking stress relief seriously will make 2016 a whole lot more enjoyable for you and your loved ones! Working out is one of the best ways to alleviate stress.

Exercising regularly raises your endorphin levels, making you feel happier and more energetic. If you haven't found the right exercise routine yet, now is the time to shop around. You may enjoy pilates, aerobics, tae kwon do, or archery. Other stress popular relievers include reading inspiring books, spending time with friends, and having sex! If you are trying to conceive, make sure to keep your time with your partner special, and to avoid turning your sex life into a chore you have to get out of the way if you want a baby.

Healthy eating

Both men and women will enjoy an increase in their fertility if they eat healthy and balanced diets or should I say that their fertility will decrease if they fail to eat healthily? Healthy eating is one of the pillars of good health, and good health will give you and your partner the chance to offer your baby the best possible start in life. While my kids were off from school the last week, I took the lazy chance to watch some stupid shows.

One of them was I didn't know I was pregnant. Time and again, the participants explained that they were worried sick about the surprise baby because they had not received any prenatal care. Besides not drinking and smoking, eating well is the most important things you can do for your future baby throughout a pregnancy. Not having any nutritional deficiencies not only ensures the best possible fetal health, it also increases male and female fertility. You can forget about prenatal vitamins if your diet is actually good enough to ensure you do not need them.

Love each other

You know, ovulation calendars and cervical mucus tests are all very well, but what you really need to do is enjoy your relationship. Did you know that your chance of getting pregnant within a year is about 90 percent of you are both healthy? Making love regularly will get you pregnant just fine. If you spent time getting closer and really strengthening that deep connection you already have, you will be wonderful parents and happily married in 50 years time!

On a less politically correct note, did you know that children of married parents have better chances in life, statistically speaking? These kids have a higher chance of finishing higher education and getting high-income jobs later on, and they have a reduced chance of being abused, getting pregnant as a teen, or doing drugs. Why not consider tying the knot this year, if you have not already done so?

Have a preconception checkup

The importance of prenatal care is very much stressed, but how about going to the doctor before you ever get pregnant? This is arguably even more important than seeking healthcare when you know you have conceived. Get your blood in urine tests in to make sure you do not have nutritional deficiencies or sexually transmitted infections. Have your blood pressure measured. Discuss your weight. Get a PAP smear and a mammogram done. Have a general health examination. Almost every health condition is harder to treat once you are pregnant, and some cannot be treated during pregnancy at all. Make sure that you are entering into your pregnancy healthily by having that simple, easy prenatal checkup. Have your partner get one too, while you are at it!

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