I am 30 years old and engaged to a wonderful man. I live in Charles County, Md. I have had problems with social services before when my now 7 year old daughter was born, but I have straightened up completely. I go to methadone maintenance for pain mgt. and because the drugs I was getting for my chronic pancreatitis got me hooked again. I am now 4-5 weeks pregnant, just found out, after having a miscarriage the week of 09 Christmas. At the beginning/middle of February I got on Methadone Maintenance again b/c of no health insurance and needing pain mgt. and b/c of beginning to get hooked again. I'm a full-time student, just got my own place, and am living a normal life. I want to know if my baby will go through withdrawals or even be positive for methadone? Will I be positive? Will the state try and take my child from me? I've also been very crampy, but everyone says it's normal. I'm going to make a Dr. appt. this week and need to know what to do. Please help. I don't want to lose my baby b/c of stressing over this and def not from this crazy county/state.

Thanks So Much For Any Help,