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My last period was April 7, 2013. This month I was suppose to start on May 2, 2013 but no period . First day no period, Second day two little wipes once and the hole day on until now no period. Had cramping for 2-3 days before period then stopped and tender nipples/breasts along with frequent urianaton, cervical mucus, bloated and tierd. I took a pt the day of my period and two days after and both are negative. Did I test to early? Can I be pregnant? When should I test? I need help!!!!!!


Hi Cindy,

First off, you can sometimes just be late.

Testing early, false negatives are common.  When you tested did you use your first morning urine (wake up pee)?  It's important as it is more concentrated and more likely to give an accurate result.

Also, sometimes the home tests just don't work with all women

Wait another 7-10 days and then retest.  hCG increases rapidly so it should be detectable by then, if it isn't now.  If it's still negative and no period, see your doctor.

Good luck.